If you are looking for ways to complete your outfit and make your style more creative, I suggest using cute hair scarves. There are so many cute designs and colors to choose from nowadays of hair scarves. And I swear, shopping for one can be quite addicting! You can go for ages trying on a bunch of different ones and end up buying all of them (if you have the money) or becoming frustrated because you can’t afford them all. They can add some character into a very simple outfit and make you look interesting and put together on your most lazy days. If you like hair scarves with cute designs but have no idea how you can wear them, here are some of my favorite ways to wear a hair scarf.


Land Girl Style Of Cute Hair Scarves

I call this style the land girl style because it literally looks like one that land girls would wear. I would wear this whenever I am doing dirty and muddy jobs such as cleaning the house to take my hair away from my face and so I could concentrate on my job. So even if you are doing a dirty job, at least you can look cute with your hair scarf in cute prints and colors. Tie your hair in a ponytail and fold your scarf into a triangle. Slide the triangle-shaped scarf underneath your hair and pull the point of the triangle to your forehead. Then, take the two loose ends on the sides and pull it up as well. Tie the two ends in a knot. Take the loose point of the triangle and tuck it in. Now you have your hair wrapped in a cute scarfala-LandGirl style.


The Farmer Girl Style Of Cute Hair Scarves

This is a style that I always advise people to be careful about wearing. If you pair it with the wrong outfit and if you cover way too much hair, people can mistake it for religious beliefs and then you will have the hassle of explaining yourself to everyone. Just be extra cautious when doing this style and you will definitely look like a cute farmer girl in the city. Fold your scarf in a triangle shape as well. Take the point of the triangle away from your face and the put the base of the triangle around your head. Tie the ends in a knot at your nape.


Looking Like A Starlet

I think wearing a cute scarf this way makes anyone look like an instant celebrity from the 50’s. I always associate this style to Jackie O. and Audrey Hepburn which also happen to make anyone look classy. Put the bas of the triangle to your forehead and tie the loose ends in a knot at your chin. You can also twist the ends around your neck for and tie it at the back for an added style.


Looking Cute In Scarves

Hair ScarvesI really adore hair scarves with cute prints and designs. They can make any outfit – even the simplest ones – look interesting and cute. Wear cute hair scarves and transform your otherwise boring outfit into something interesting.