If you want to wrap your hair at night using a scarf, I always suggest using silk hair scarves. Silk is the best fabric to use as a hair scarf as it gives a handful of benefits to your hair more than any other fabric can. But make sure that it is 100% made of silk to get the maximum benefits. Silk helps promote nourishment to the hair which is why many people with dry hair opt to use hair scarves made of silk to wrap their hair in. Many African American women use silk scarves to keep their hair intact and moisturized all the time. But I don’t mean that other nationalities can’t use silk scarves anymore because they still can. There are different ways on how you can make the most out of a silk scarf depending on the type of hair that you have.


Silk Hair Scarves For Dry, Coarse Hair

Because of such coarse texture and dryness, it has been very common for them to use silk scarves for their hair. Silk helps nourish the hair by helping them maintain its moisture, prevents hair frizz, and prevent the natural scalp oils from drying out. This is a natural treatment that they do to promote better hair growth, keep their hair soft, and improve the strength of their hair. If you also happen to have dry and coarse hair, it is best that you use a long scarf to wrap your hair in as well. To utilize the silk scarf to its maximum benefits, part your hair at the center and using a boar bristle brush start brushing your hair to one side. Brush it continuously in a clockwise pattern until you have formed your hair’s nest around the crown. Then, wrap it with the silk scarf and tie the knot atop. Secure with bobby pins.


Silk Hair Scarves For Curly Hair

One of the many problems of having a curly hair is keeping it healthy and well-nourished. This is why using a silk scarf is a great option as it prevents the hair from over drying and from help protects the hair and to keep the hair protected. To use the silk scarf to its maximum potential, start by using a deep conditioning treatment for your hair. Scrunch your hair after until you have extracted most of the moisture already. Apply a generous amount of leave-in conditioner to your hair up to the ends. Let your hair dry and wrap your hair in one or two scarves securely.


For Straight Hair

Even people with straight hair can greatly benefit from using silk scarves as well. Wearing silk scarves is particularly helpful for people who chemically straighten their hair. We all know that such process can be quite expensive which is why we need to do everything we can to prolong the straightness of the hair as much as possible. You can wrap your hair in a silk scarf at night to prevent it from drying and from breakage as well since chemicals from such treatments can greatly damage the hair.


Using Silk Scarves

Hair ScarvesAny type of hair can greatly benefit from using a silk scarf at night. If you want to achieve healthy and shiny locks all the time, wrap your hair in silk hair scarves at night.