Vintage hair scarves are definitely my favorite accessory to use of all time. I love anything vintage in particular because they just have a different aura in them. They just look effortlessly attractive without attracting too much attention and they just scream everything girly in them. Polka dots, vintage floral pattern – they are just too adorable to pass out on. Aside from that, I also get a lot of wear out of them. Not only are the designs one of my major considerations but their versatility as well. You can use a hair scarf with a vintage vibe in more ways than a simple hair accessory. Here are some ways I love using my hair scarf with a vintage vibe.


Vintage Hair Scarves As Headband

Of course, the most obvious way to wear a hair scarf is on the hair. I like using it as a headband more than a hair wrap to show off my beautiful curls as well. The headband gives me an added vintage appeal and makes my entire outfit even more interesting than it would be had I not worn a vintage scarf as a headband. I like to fold the scarf into a triangle shape and fold the base into one-inch segments until I reach the point of the triangle. I slide onto my head and tie a knot atop so I don’t have any strands of hair getting tangled with the knot. I just tuck in the loose ends of the knot and I am finished. This is how I like to rock my vintage scarf as a headband. This is the perfect trick to manage a bad hair day and keep your hair away from your face as well.


Vintage Hair Scarves As A Bag Accessory

I saw this as a trend a few seasons back and I must say I fell in love with it. It just adds more character and personality to your bag and makes it look even stylish. I like tying any of my vintage scarves on the straps of my purse for the day for an added chic and girly vibe to my outfit. This can help spice up any outfit so when you are feeling lazy to dress up or you just feel like you don’t have any idea on what to wear, wear a simple outfit and tie a scarf to your bag and you will still look stylish and put-together.


Vintage Scarves As A Bracelet

I personally don’t get wearing wrist bands but I like the idea of having accessories on your wrist. I just think it makes an outfit look even more special (but not wrist bands because they look bad in my opinion). I sometimes wear my vintage scarves as a wrap-around bracelet to spice up my outfit even more. They add a pop of color to monochromatic outfits and they just look great on wrists.


Multipurpose Scarf

Hair ScarvesThese are just some examples on how you can wear your scarf in more than just one way. This is why I like collecting vintage hair scarves because I can do so much with them.