One of the best things you can do to protect your hair and prevent it from damage is to wrap it in hair scarves for natural hair. I firmly believe in the magic powers of a hair scarf as it can really do wonders for your hair. It can help turn dry, coarse and frizzy hair to its usual health and prevent it from breakage, tangles and damage. If you have naturally beautiful hair, it can maintain its health and strength preventing it from experiencing any damage that sleeping can bring to a hair. If you want moisturized, shiny and healthy locks, you can opt to wear hair scarves at night as well. But other than for protection and prevention of damages, it can also be worn in many more ways.


Hair Scarves For Natural Hair As A Ponytail Cover

Aside from using hair scarves as a head wrap, I also like to use them as a ponytail cover. This idea is particularly helpful during gym class or when I am working out and I still want to look great. Most hair ties I have at home are in the color black for versatility especially when I tie my hair in a bun. But when I want to hang my hair loose in a ponytail, I like to cover it with a hair scarf to give it more style and character. You just tie your hair in a ponytail like you normally do and wrap the scarf around it and tie it in a tight knot. Now you already have a stylish and cute ponytail even when you are in gym class or simply working out.


Hair Scarves For Natural Hair As Headband

If you don’t want to tie your hair in a ponytail but want to look pretty, using a hair scarf as a headband is also a great idea. This is particularly helpful on bad hair days but you don’t want to tie your hair in a bun or in a high ponytail. It helps keep your hair more manageable and adds more style to your outfit for that day. Lay your scarf flat and fold it in half forming a triangle. Roll the scarf in approximately one inch of segments. After that, put around your hair line and tie it in a knot to secure in place. You can tie it atop to add a bow or at your nape to hide the knot.


Using It As Head Cover

Take cue from Audrey Hepburn and other girls from eras past. Riding convertibles in their oversized sunglasses and using a hair scarf as a head cover to protect their hair from the heat of the sun. This is a great way to manage unmanageable hair due to strong winds from driving a convertible. This also protects your hair from UV rays to prevent it from drying and becoming damaged.



Hair ScarvesOne of the reasons why I like hair scarves is because they are versatile pieces of hair accessory. You can use it for its many benefits for natural hair at night and even use it as an accessory during the day. Hair scarves for natural hair are truly a great piece of item to have in your wardrobe.