Before I go to bed, I always make sure to wrap one of my hair scarves around my hair. Some people actually find this quite funny and interesting because most of them don’t do this at night. I love wearing a hair scarf mainly because I want to protect my precious tresses from static which is not a good thing for hair. Most women I know simply goes to bed with their hair down tied to a low ponytail or braids. In my opinion, braiding it is the next best thing to wearing a hair scarf in terms of protecting your hair. If you want to wake up with healthy, untangled, and tame hair, definitely go for a hair scarf.


People Who Can Benefit From Wearing Hair Scarves At Night

Not many women realize the benefits wearing a hair scarf at night bring which is why they think people like me who do are quite funny. But in reality, there are so many things it can give to our hair. If you are someone who wants to promote healthy locks and growth of their hair should consider wearing a hair scarf at night. Wearing a hair scarf can also benefit people with really long hair or people with length of hair that goes way past their shoulders. This is because people with such length of hair often experience tangled hair when they wake up in the morning. Also, long hair can disrupt your sleep especially if you are fidgety during your sleep. People who want to maintain a hairstyle through the night should also consider using a hair scarf at night. If you want to maintain your curls, wrapping your hair at night can do the trick.


Hair Scarves Fabric To Use

Using the perfect fabric is one of the most important things that you should remember when looking for a hair scarf. The perfect fabric can do so many wonders to your hair such as preventing tangles, preventing breakage, and promoting shiny and healthy growth of hair. Scarves come in many different fabrics so you must always be on the lookout for the best one because not all scarves are made the same. For this purpose, it is best to use a scarf that is made out of satin or silk. These fabrics are gentle enough to hold and maintain the hair without absorbing the moisture from the hair.


Wrapping Your Hair

There are two methods you can do to wrap your hair: tying at the nape and tying atop. F you choose the former method, make sure that you don’t get any strand of hair caught in the knot at your nape since you can’t see the area to which you are tying the knot. Getting strands caught in the knot can promote breakage. This is why I highly recommend tying atop instead since you can see the area to which you are tying the knot at so no strands of hair can get caught.


Using Scarves On Your Hair

Hair ScarvesSleeping can do so much damage to the hair especially if you don’t use the right pillowcase fabric. This is why I am an avid promoter of using hair scarves at night because it keeps your hair healthy, strong, tame, untangled, and shiny.