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Super Sandbag
Develop total body strength, stability, and endurance with the Super Sandbag training aid. This versatile training tool allows you to execute countless training exercises that work your upper and lower body. You can swing it, lift it, squat it, stabilize it, and pretty much anything else. With the Super Sandbag, you’ll develop explosive power on demand. The Super Sandbag comes with 3 weight bags that fit individually or all together in a durable outer shell equipped with a zipper enclosure. The removable weight bags serve as soft weights to increase the intensity of any drill or exercise.

Weight: 10lb to 60lb
Materials: Oxford fabric Durable and damp-proof
Handles: 4 sets of flexible, soft grip handles
Filler Bags: (1)10lb. bag and (1) 20Ib. filler bag and (1)30lb. filler bag.
Sand NOT Included

It’s durable and we offer a lifetime warranty.


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